Team Builders


Team Builders is a game developed by Team Seriously Sweet Games during the serious gaming minor at Saxion University of Applied Science. The game was created in collaboration with TriMotion, a Consultancy Agency.

the game focuses on teaching the methods of system engineering to companies in the building sector. the game consists out of a board game and a digital game. the board game relais heavily on discussions and reviewing other players perspectives on certain toppics. the board game takes about 1 hour for a full play through session. in the beginning players will try to go for their own goals, but as the game continues the players will start working together more and more to achieve the team goals.

the digital game focuses on the communication aspect of system engineering, the game runs with a server that runs on windows mac and linux, the mobile game currently only supports android but can be easily ported to windows and ios. the game can be played without a windows server so that people that have the app installed can also just play with their friends using one of the clients as server. the game is created with unity and makes use of the photon unity networking plugin.

The Team:
Maarten Potts: Game Designer / marketing specialist
Gerben Schiphorst: Financing / text writer
Edo Ekkel: Scrum master / Support artist / content creator
Roy Schröder: Developer / Communication
Liqun Xi: Financing / Layout checker

Art: Amy Smulders
Support Game Design:Rihards Valters

My Role: