Ortus Arena


Ortus Arena is a quick, turn-based game for two players set in a world full of fantasy martial arts. It invites everyone to sit down and enjoy 20 minutes of clever tactical play.

Meeting your opponent on the legendary Ortus Arena, you take control of a small band of specialized warriors. Each warriors is deeply disciplined in one of the original elements. From the elusive Winds and twin Fires to the ungraspable Earth and fatal Waters. Each warrior brings unique skills and function to the battlefield.

Players battle for control of the Energy Well, scattered around the Arena. The Energy collected from these Wells can in turn be spent on maneuvering warriors, executing attacks and fighting off opponents.

Origional Concept: Joost Das
Digital Version: Firebrush Studios

My Role:
I joined firebrush as intern. during my internship i have worked on a special 3D version of Ortus Arena for the Freevi Flightdeck. other tasks included interaction design choices and implementation, bug fixes and showing the game at trade shows. after my internship i have continued my stay at firebrush and add push notifications and worked on the design for the database.