Jello Adventure

Jello Adventure is a game about Jello, who lives in the sewers.
Once his home used to be a clean place but soon the sewers became messier, all this is caused by the monsters from above.
Help Jello use his environment to get to the end of the level!

Jello Adventure was created in 72 hours, and released on both webgl and android within this time span. Jello Adventure is a puzzle game that makes use of the state of the main character, if he is on fire, ropes will burn so platforms will fall.


Alexandra Cunetchi – Code
Lukas Donkers – Code
Roy Schroder – Code
Long – Art & Level Design
Alexander Kappelhoff – Art & Animation
Stan Erbrink – Audio


My Role:
during this project i have managed the team and created tooling and to make level designing easier. the game makes use of the Unity Game Engine.