Funny Vliegt

Funny Vliegt

Funny Vliegt

Funny Vliegt is a “endless” runner like game Designed for Fun-IE-Fit. In Funny vliegt you control a parrot using the Kinect. You have to dodge Obstacles and gather bananas for your kin. Funny vliegt was build in Unity3D. using C# as the scripting language.

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Fun-IE-Fit is a non profit organisation that provides disabled children with a location where they can sport and learn. The children often cant participate in other sport teams and activities. their request was for us to make a game that could get the children more physically active. We managed to do this by creating 2 sets of Kinect input systems. one just uses the angles of the arms to calculate the movement, the other forces the kids to dug, stand or stretch on a certain location to move to the corresponding flight lane. Another request was to allow the scores to be stored or emailed to them so they could measure the progress.

My Role:

My role in this project was Project Leader, and Lead Developer.

What did i do?

  • Internal Framework
  • Level spawning
  • Controls
  • Stats logging / statistic system
  • Report Formatting
  • Graph Creator
  • Contact with client


Ingame Screenshot

The Team:


Roy Schröder
Jeroen van Dragt


Anne Franger
David Blac
Jurrian Hartwigsen


Alexander Erben