What is Esperden

Esperden is a narrative driven game, set in a fictional world that is placed between the life and afterlife. Restless souls are stuck here and can only leave if they rid their self of their bindings to the normal world, as are you. Your connections to life are portrayed as the wisps floating around in the world. In the city of Esperden there are many hidden messages scattered around the world. They are hidden in the reflective maps of the walls of the tunnels, in the roof of the well and many more places

My Role

Project and Programming lead.

What did I do

  • Level editor / Tooling
  • Importer
  • Controls
  • Audio
  • Game logic
  • Voice acting
  • District System

Team Members


Roy Schröder
Maikel Oelen
Conner Sampson
Niels van Asperen


Peter Vrieling
Rihards Valters
Alhric Ademus
Christian Calin

Extra Information:

Engine: Micro Game Engine (c++)
Models: Maya
LevelEditor: Unity 3D